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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

That was the week that was 12-4-10-18-4-10

Monday and its a visit from our sales guy today. We don't see him very often but he's here to demonstrate to us a piece of test gear he has on loan and I must admit we are very impressed. So much that the supervisor goes cap in hand to the boss to ask him to purchase one and he says.........YES. I like new toys, especially ones that make my job easier.

Thursday night at VPR cake of the week was Mr Kipling Manor House....not the best! Its my turn next week. Thought I'd take a pic of the sunset from the studio as it was particularly red from the Iceland volcano (above)

Friday I wake up with the sniffles.....Oh bloddy hell feels like a cold coming on. We have arranged to go out saturday night with my brothers and friends from Valley Park Radio. They are coming down to Ashford for once and we are booked into Yeungs Chinese Buffet. A great place to go if you like chinese food as much as I do! Anyway Saturday night & a great time was had by all.

Drove down to Cranbrook on sunday to find the school. We are going there on the 30th as part of a visit by the AAS (Ashford Astronomical Society). On the way back we stop at a chicken farm and buy some fresh eggs, feathers, bird poop and all!
Got back and did a bit of gardening before having a sit-down in the garden with a cuppa!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

That was the week 5-4-10 to 11-4-10

Its Bank Holiday monday. We have already done the rounds of DIY/gardening centres so none of that today. Instead we head off to one of my favourite locations in Kent, Dungeness. There's something about the place I love. It seems almost detached from real civilisation and its collection of Smokeries, fishing huts and homes made from converted railway carriages are quirky against a shingle landscape, with a backdrop of a nuclear power station. I have a chat with a fellow motorcyclist about his Honda 125 Varadero, a big bike for learners which happens to be 10 times the value of mine! We than take a trip on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway as far as New Romney. It also gives me a chance to road test the new camcorder, A cup of tea then back again. I manage to spot the 'Listening Ears' near Romney Sands. These are concrete installations that were used to test the possibility of detecting enemy aircraft by sound. They were never used because Radar had been developed as the war had started. I later find out they do guided tours of the 'ears' so thats one for the diary.

Tuesday, the roads are quiet and it only takes me an hour to get to work. With two of my colleagues out its quiet in the lab as well! Wednesday was about the same old same old...

Of course VPR tonight and Mark supplied the COW. Bless him he bought it last minute from the hospice shop and 4 slices @ 99p a slice it must be the most expensive one this year. Spent the night at parents place.

Friday, hooray the fence panels arrive! Sarah's dad does a sterling job removing the old ones and preparing for the new ones. I have to get our neighbour to clear some brickwork to allow the new ones to fit ok.

Saturday & the weather is great. we nip into town & have a flutter on the Grand National. Arbor supreme, may as well have been chicken supreme, what a donkey. The panels go in with a bit of adjustment, job completed by 1 pm....excellent.

Sunday morning and I can't put it off anymore, I must go out on the motorbike. So I decide to have a little ride round the block and grab the newspapers along the way. I really must get out on it more! The roads are pretty quiet so it may be a regular thing. Afternoon we decide to go to Whelans in Sheerness, a great garden ornament supplier. We come away with a sundial and 2 Meerkats, one for my mum. Get home in time to prep the veg and check on the chicken in the oven. Perfect! I also book the resturant for my birthday bash next saturday night. 13 of us are eating at Yeungs buffet in town. looking forward to it!