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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Party and a photo that haunts me 23/7/11

I finally succumbed to the fish today. Let me explain, Sarah had her feet nibbled by these fish a while back and she has been talking about visiting a place in Ashford that had opened recently. So I thought 'what the hell' and handed over a tenner for 15 minutes of fish nibbling. In my opinion a not unpleasant experience but very ticklish to start off with. It got me thinking.....Those fish must think they are in a Monty Python sketch. All they see are large feet bearing down on them!

As were were at a party tonight we decided to take lunch at the Blue & white cafe, a great place on the A20 near Ashford. The Gypsy Tart was particularly good, and so large that we shared a portion between us.

We were at a Golden wedding anniversary party tonight. It was great to catch up with some old friends, some I have known from my childhood. As my mate pointed out in a photo album he had made for his (celebrating) parents... there was a picture of me, him and his sister, He was sitting on a giant toy dog, she was pushing a wheelbarrow, and I of course had to pick the pram, and he has always pointed this out whenever we meet! He is fifty next year so no doubt the album will appear again, and I will still be pushing that pram in my tartan trousers and bad knitwear. Next year I'm going to tell everyone about the 'cool' two tone shirt he bought from Mr Buyrite in 1979...One wash and the collars & cuffs fell off!

I was expecting news on the TV tonight about the killings in Norway, so I was slightly shocked to discover Amy Winehouse had been found dead. I was always saddened by her inability to shake off her demons, but I also thought that she would never release another album after 'Back to Black'. A tragic waste of a genuine talent.

Didn't sleep too well last night, I woke about 3AM and started sneezing. I hope that's not the start of a cold! The cat made sure I didn't get a lie-in so it was up just after 8am, fed the cats then some brekkie and then on the PC to finalise my playlist for today's show. We were at ASDA about 9:40 so we managed to beat the crowds. After dropping off the shopping it was a quick trip to Dobbies for our monthly free coffee and a scone. Then home for the German Grand Prix. I had to take another route to the coast today as here are hold ups on the M20. actually I quite enjoyed not have to do battle with lorries on the roundabouts of Dover! 2 hours of deejaying on Danceweb Radio then home for a chinese takeaway. There were some excellent programmes about the space shuttle on the TV tonight, so I ended the day happy!

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