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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fancy Meeting You Here......

I can't believe I moved to Ashford five years ago. At that time I really didn't know anyone down here apart from a few of Sarah's friends. We always tend to pop into town on Saturday mornings, and invariably Sarah will always meet someone she knows, and occasionally people I know too, whether it be from work, play, school, former jobs or former neighbours. Today was no exception. We met...three Astro club members, one former colleague, one current colleague (twice) and one mutual friend, all in the space of about 20 minutes.
After a coffee in the department store Sarah saw some rather heavily discounted jewellery so she virtually cleaned out the cabinet. Actually she bought 2 necklaces and 2 pairs of ear rings, for just over twenty quid.

I was going to mow the lawns this afternoon, but by the time I managed to drag myself from the TV and old episodes of Dr Who (The Ood and Sontarans!). Just as I stepped outside it started raining. Shame. I did clean out the aquarium though. The tank has a bad case of hair algae and I'm hoping a treatment of jollop will help get rid of it.

Then it was off out. We were going to Willesborough Windmill to buy some honey from the shop. We had heard they sell good stuff there. When we arrived we noticed there was a wedding on, so the shop/cafe was hosting the reception. It felt a bit rude to crash someone's wedding so we left it and went to the local farm shop instead. They had what we wanted. On the way we stopped at the DIY store. I need some ideas for re-fitting our office room. We ended up buying some bathroom bits and a garden ornament. Oh yes and Sarah met yet another colleague in the DIY store!
Our Friends turn up about 7pm and we decided to go to Zarin in the town centre. Sarah and I had our first date in there in 2002. The food was excellent, best curry I've had in ages. Then it was home for coffee and chat. A really enjoyable evening was had by all.

We had planned to meet up with the family in Herne Bay today, but a call this morning put paid to that. First my Dad wasn't too well, then my brother text me and said that they (and my Oz cousin) got drunk the night before (I think the term my sis-in-law used was 'Wankered') and were still in bed. So after our weekly trip to Asda, we had a spot of lunch then decided to dodge the rain clouds by going to Herne Bay by ourselves.
HB was not too busy so we parked easily and spent a couple of quid in the arcades, then got bored and drove to Reculver Towers. Its one of these places you see in the distance but have never been there, and I quite liked it. OK its basically a ruin but the towers have been there since the 13th Century, and being right by the sea they were used as a beacon for ships in the estuary. They were taken over by Trinity House in the 19th century for that purpose. After an ice lolly (Feast, haven't had one for years!) and a sit down it was back home where my long grass and lawnmower awaits.

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