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Friday, 9 March 2012

Steve's Blog Supplemental - Keeping it Local

It is not very often I post a ranting blog, but something was announced today that boiled my bodily fluids. I was always a fan of  local radio, and our station, KMFM was always known as being a good local radio station. Over the years they have been slowly but surely networking their programmes all over Kent, becoming less local. Up to a point where it was now only the Breakfast shows that were broadcast from regional studios, including one here in Ashford. This was not a bad thing as the breakfast shows were the only thing I listened to in the car before losing the signal. I liked the idea of hearing information that was relevant to me, like if Chart Road was flooded or the Matalan Roundabout was stuffed. I liked the banter between the presenters, Kirstyn and Webbo. Now the station is becoming just another faceless, 'Better Music mix FM' just like all the other so called local stations in the UK. When KMFM won the licence from Ofcom they won it for offering a local service. Now it has been announced that there will be no more regional content. Everything is being networked Kent wide. I'm not interested in what is happening in Maidstone, Thanet or Chatham. The BBC do that much better than KMFM ever could. Also they have dumped some really popular and good presenters, and specialist music shows are off the schedule. They say its a new and exciting period. I say its cutting costs, and it will probably show in their decreasing listening figures as listeners migrate. I remember a few years ago when Invicta were taken over by the Heart Network, KMFM had a field day welcoming new listeners. Now the same is about to happen to them, and AHBS community radio could see their listening figures increase if they play their cards right. Sorry KMFM but this is one change too far, myself and a number of my friends will no longer be tuning in....Now where is my DAB radio....

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