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Sunday, 13 May 2012

I Like Driving in my Car... 12-13 May 2012


To coin a phrase from a well known 80's TV show, I love it when a plan comes together. Today I had arranged to collect a load of decorative slate from my parent's place. Trouble was my car would not handle that much weight, over 200 kilos I reckon. So my Brother arranged for me to borrow a Hi-Lux Pickup. Saturday morning started with a quick trip into town, then home, arranged some finance for the second car (more to come on that). Then Batty arrived bang on time, having offered his services a week before. We set off to Maidstone to collect the vehicle and then on to Barnehurst. We made quick work of loading the slate and after saying our goodbyes I treated everyone to a slap up lunch at Bubble and Squeak in Crayford, a very good cafe. After dropping off the slate at home and saying farewell to Batty, we took the Hilux back. As we got about half a mile from the dealer, the engine management light and traction control light came on. I was waiting for the thing to splutter to a halt...Anyway nothing happened so I reckon it was a electronic glitch. The Hi-Lux was a great vehicle though, I could have driven it all day long!

Tonight we went out to a friends 40th Birthday party at the Inn on The Lake. A place I hadn't set foot in since 1984, when I spent my wedding night there. Funny thing was it hasn't really changed that much! Think Crossroads Motel styling from that era. Anyhow a good time was had by all and it was good to meet up with the Valley Park Radio crew. It was a pity the chocolate fountain didn't work, but Jelly babies covered in chocolate were great, they are definitely on the menu for Sarah's Birthday BBQ.  I was really impressed with the disco. My friend Dave has a superb set-up and I can thoroughly recommend him. If any of my readers need a disco, PA or Karaoke you can contact him at DnP Events 


On Thursday my friend told me of an MX-5 for sale at a garage just outside of Ashford. So on the way home from work on Friday we went down there to take a look. Well the MX-5 was a rust bucket. But parked  next to it was a nice looking Peugeot 206 Coupe Cabriolet for sale and it was within our price range. So we arranged for a test drive today. We gave much thought to getting an MX-5 and decided that it was too low down for us to get in and out of, as Sarah suffers from a dodgy back, and we are both not exactly small. Plus the boot space is non existent. This car ticks more of our boxes. It has below average mileage for its age and service documents plus the bonus of an electric roof. It's is a 2.0 litre so has enough grunt and has a decent size boot, even enough room with the roof down. There is also room for two littl'uns in the back, or more storage. The guy took us out for a quick spin, and although I was very cramped in the back I could tell that it was OK. The only things that need doing are a new indicator stalk, rear number plate, plus a service, valet and tax. We collect next Saturday. Lets hope the weather holds so we can indulge in some top-down fun! 

This afternoon was spent watching the Spanish Grand Prix, then de-foresting the front garden and mowing the back garden lawn. It makes a change to have two days in a row without rain. I bet now we have bought a cabriolet it will chuck it down for the rest of the summer!

Until next week then...

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