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Sunday, 27 May 2012

A long weekend 25-27 May 2012

I had to take Friday off work. On Wednesday the new car was taken back to the dealers to have a whole list of things done to it. In the process of half a days driving the indicators went wrong, the headlamps went on and off of their own accord and one or more of the engine sensors has packed up, making the engine run like a pig. As I type this the car is still there, waiting for parts to turn up. The only good thing is the dealer is sorting it all out with no quibbles. He wants us to be happy customers. I can only be happy for so long......

As it was such a nice day that after taking Arnie for a checkup at the Vets we decided to go to Herne Bay. It was lovely down there, nice and sunny with a sea breeze. We had a beer and a burger in the Wetherspoons, then walked down to the amusement arcades and spent an hour or so pumping the shove machines with 2p pieces. We rounded off the trip with a Mr Whippy 99. Well it would have been rude not to at the seaside! 
It was interesting to see that they have demolished the ugly building (a sports centre) on the pier. I always thought this stuck out like a sore thumb. Apparently the council are organising a Diamond Jubilee tea party on the pier. What a great idea. I wonder if they will ever extend the pier out to where the end building still exists, about a mile. I remember a few years ago there was a  campaign to raise funds to do this. This has seemed to have all gone quiet.


It was up early today as we had offered to help a friend move into our other friend's place. We all met at the Gorge cafe in town for a slap up breakfast, than it was round to chez chippy to unload the first of four van loads of the day. The fun bit was getting a sofa bed into the living room. There was no way it was going to fit through the door. then the bed bit sprung open and trapped the sofa in the hall. After spending time freeing that we should have listened to Steve who said it would go through the window. Guess what, it did first time and with no problems. We finished about three o'clock, then it was home for a quick watch of the Monaco GP qualifying, then a shower.

We found out that the Pug is off to the Peugeot dealer on Monday for a full diagnostic check. If they can't sort it we are thinking of getting a refund. There are plenty of Pug 206 CCs available for sale that must be better than this lemon.

I noticed that Dartford has been awarded £100,000 in the Portas Pilot Scheme, to rejuvenate the high street. If anywhere needs it, Dartford does. Ever since Bluewater opened down the road the Town centre has been hit badly, with all the main stores pulling out or closing down. Ashford also applied for this, but our town centre is nowhere near as bad as Dartford. It saddens me every time I go there and see yet another shop close down and either replaced with a 99p or pound shop, or left to rot. I hope this is an opportunity for Dartford to turn its misfortunes around. However I don't think 100 grand will touch it.

    Tonight we had Andy and Julie round for a barbeque, then we sat and watched (endured) the Eurovision Song Contest which Sweden won, and Engelbert came second to last. I did enjoy a lot of the Facebook banter tonight. Loads of wit and barbed comments. The best being from my friend DL who reckoned the Russians saved on air fare by placing the Grannies inside one another.  We had planned a Monty Python evening, but there was a clash of events. So the Monty Python evening will be re-scheduled to another Saturday night.


We had a late night so it was good to spend an extra couple of hours in bed this morning. We are off to Bethersden for a walk around the countryside. Dave and Tina picked us up about 11AM and having arrived at the meeting point was greeted by Jason, Batty and Dave's brother and nephew. The walk was 4.5 miles through some of the best Kent countryside in what seemed to be the hottest day of the year. As we neared the Reindeer farm we spotted a Wallaby. That's something you don't see every day. Back in Bethersden we sat in the pub garden and washed our sandwiches down with a well earned pint. I don't think I've ever necked a cold lager so quickly. the afternoon was spent snoozing in front of the Monaco Grand Prix.

I had a message from the Chip. Would I like his speaker stands as they don't fit in with the new furniture re-shuffle. Yesterday I had commented that I was after a pair like that for my rear surround speakers so I was very pleased to take them. It is way too hot to cook, so I reckon the Chinese Takeaway will be feeding us tonight!

Until next week then......

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