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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Out With The Old.....

It has been a good week off. Boxing day we went to see the latest Mission:Impossible film (excellent). We met up with some old colleagues, had a shopping trip to Maidstone, where I upgraded my phone for a nice, shiny new one. Friday we held a film night in collaboration with the  Astro Society and Woodchurch Film society, where we showed 'Apollo 13'. It was a great night and their AV system was the best I've heard and seen in ages.

New years eve (Saturday)

After slamming the roast pork in the oven and Pat & David prepared the veggies we had a drive down to Tenterden. Sarah came away with some more bling and socks. I bought a sieve, a pickle fork and a book. The last of the big spenders, that's me. 
After a really good dinner I sat and watched one of the Blu Ray films I got for Christmas. 'Senna' is a brilliant film and I don't think you need to be an F1 fan to appreciate what a legend that guy was. The evening was spent with Andy, Julie and the rest of Sarah's family at ours where we ate, drank, played cards and let off fireworks at midnight. We also had another Chinese lantern malfunction, this one ending up in the tree out front. The wind was whipping up so we abandoned any further launches. After a tidy round we finally got to bed about 1:30.

New years day (Sunday)

We set off for Mum and Dads about 10:00 am. We were planning to go to the Harvester in Crayford. It used to be something of a regular new years day event but since I've been in Ashford it hasn't really happened. So we were the first to arrive at the pub, and whilst we had a drink (J20) we perused the menus. We were told by the staff that there wasn't a lot of food left, so if we wanted a Sirloin, Sea bass, Lamb or more than 3 fillet steaks we were out of luck. As it happened we all wanted chicken so it wasn't a problem. The food was great and we had a good time. Then it was back to theirs for a cuppa and a chat before heading back to Ashford. The weather was awful on the way home, I hate heavy rain on the motorway. 

We got home in time to meet Pat & David's friends who had come over from Sussex for the day. It was good to see them after over four years. Then it was an evening in front of the TV (Sherlock Holmes (good) and a very depressing Eastenders). 

So may I wish all my readers and fellow bloggers a happy new year. I'm looking forward to some of the things coming up in 2012, including Stargazing Live, Avenue Q and of course catching up with all my friends throughout the year!

Until next week....

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