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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Birthday Bash Weekend 21-22 April 2012

It was a nice day off yesterday. Thursday night we went with a load of friends to see Avenue Q at the Marlowe Theatre. I thoroughly recommend it, Real laugh out loud stuff! Tina had booked it months ago and it was well worth the wait. My birthday was spent mainly at home but we did pop into town after dropping Arnie off at the vets. Then we took Sarah's sister to the Hospital to see if her Grand Daughter had arrived yet (still no sign). The evening was spent in with a nice meal and a glass of wine.


Not having much planned for today we got up about the usual time and over breakfast watch the various cookery shows that now dominate saturday morning telly. What ever happened to Tiswas or Swap Shop! I was trawling the net for MX-5s and I saw one advertised in a garage on the other side of Canterbury. So we set off straight away only to be stuck in terrible traffic through the City centre. After calling in the wrong garage (more mowers than cars) we found the right one a few hundred yards further down and there was the car on the forecourt. Odd but it was £100 more than advertised on Autotrader. After a quick look around I decided that there were better models to be had. Being red the paint had started to fade a bit although there were no signs of rust and the roof was in good condition. There is another for sale, this time in Ightam so we may take a trip up there tomorrow. I like this car because the number plate is the same as my initials, SKJ.

Saturday night was spent at Yeungs Buffet with a load of friends and family. We had a great time there and ate too much food (again). Graham had a chicken satay which looked like a rat-on-a-stick (see pic) which raised a few laughs. After chocolate cake was consumed some of us went back to ours for coffee  and we chatted to the wee small hours. Arnie made himself comfortable on both Dave and Batty's lap. Trouble was I had a couple of strong coffees and couldn't get to sleep. Oh well at least I get a lie-in.


After the usual shop in Asda I plonked myself in front of the telly, and found myself dropping off to sleep. The coffee I had the night before kept me awake last night. After a quick lunch we decided to nip out for a drive round the countryside. We headed out to Lathe Barn near Lympne, a collection of small shops and a Tea Room. I found a bit of a bargain in a shop called 'Grandma's Attic' (see pic). It's an album I always promised myself I would own, but for 50p the LP version is just as good, and it is in mint condition. Sarah bought a necklace in the accessories shop (no change there then) and we stopped for a very reasonable priced cream tea. pot of tea and scone, jam and cream for me, Hot chocolate and Coffee cake for Sarah.
We stopped at a Farm Shop on the way home for some veg. I like to support the farm shops. This one in Sellinge had the biggest onions I had ever seen! I'm cooking Puerto Rican Chicken tonight, a Recipe from Levi Roots Book. Its one we've done before and it always turns out well. After my 3.5 days off its back to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hearing the ongoing saga about one of my colleagues, who got in a spot of bother last week with a Yacht he bought off eBay. You can read all about it Here and Here and Here . Oh and there is still no sign of Sarah's grand Niece making an appearance!

Until next week then......

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