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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Typical Weekend 23-24 February 2013

Its been a three day weekend for us. We had Friday off and spent the day in Maidstone. we had a stroll round the shopping centre, then stopped for lunch at a place called 'Mexxa Mexxa'. The theme is 'Mexican' and the lunch specials seemed good value. It was OK. Next a quick look around Maplins (essential!) then we took advantage of Blockbuster's closing down sale and grabbed some cheap Blu Ray films.
Friday night was Astronomy night, and true to form it was cloudy and snowing. That didn't dampen proceedings though. I sold a hat and set up Jason's laptop through the PA system, to great effect. Emma gave a great talk on the (Dwarf) Planet Pluto. I put 'Dwarf' in parenthesis because I, and many others still think Pluto as a planet, even though the powers that be have demoted it. Oh and sarah won a tenner in the constellation raffle. All in all a good evening.


The morning was spent hoovering and dusting. We then met up with the rest of Sarah's family for lunch at the Chinese buffet in town. We have eaten there many times before, and although the food is OK, I think the quality has decreased over the years and now I actually prefer the Chinese restaurant on the High Street. Its a bit more expensive but the food is freshly cooked and you can eat what you want for a fixed price.
The afternoon was spent at the Designer Outlet. Everyone bought shoes and things, except me who bought nowt, even though I was after a pair of trainers. By now I was gasping for a cuppa, so we headed for home where the kettle went on straight away. The evening was spent with Sarah's Parents. We had a few games of cards, which I won quite a few chips, and the Rummikub came out. I only learnt to play this game in the past few years, I've yet to win a round....


I see we had some settling snow last night. Winter just doesn't want to disappear just yet. We did the weekly shop, then popped into Currys to get some printer cartridges, and ended up buying a new shredder. Plus we got a 10% off voucher for printer cartridges, so saved a couple of quid on them as well. 
We really didn't want to go out anywhere today, so after waving goodbye to Sarah's parents, we had lunch then settled down to watch 'Skyfall', a great film. I was channel hopping after dinner and found an episode of  'Enterprise'. The jury is still out on that series, I could never get into it like I did with 'Next Generation' Although I have to say Jolene Blalock plays a very good Vulcan!  

Until next week then...


  1. Whether Pluto is or is not a planet is seriously up for debate. I am told tha the debate by the Powers that Be took place after most of those Powers had actuallly gone home.
    It comes down to the definitions eemployed, and the definitions are rather sucky, too say the least.

  2. Never mind Pluto....T'Pol, fit or what?