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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter Draws on 4-5 February 2012

Welcome to month two of 2012. We haven't much planned for this weekend, certainly not on Saturday night. We were in town quite early this morning. There was no reason why we just got up half hour earlier. So after visits to Argos, WH Smith, Card Factory and a couple of Pound Emporiums we treated ourselves to hot drinks at Cafe Express, and I must admit I also had a caramel slice, well I need to keep my strength up! My free gift from Hornby was waiting at the sorting office so after joining the queue, which stretched outside and along the path I received my new oo gauge locomotive. We stopped at Farm Foods on the way home to stock the freezer up, and as we arrived saw one of my astro society friends leaving. We exchanged pleasantries and went on our merry way.
Then it was home for a quick lunch.  I decided to remove the track mat from my railway layout. So the afternoon was spent re-positioning the track and tacking it down again. I had a quick drive out to the Model Shop to get some goods wagons for the new loco to pull. Then we picked up Sarah's Sister so she could visit Arnie, who is now at home but confined to his crate for 10 - 12 weeks while his leg heals.
Dinner tonight was Farm Foods Chinese again. The crispy duck was amazing, even better and a lot cheaper than the local takeaway. The lemon chicken wasn't too shabby either. Then we watched a film on BBC3 that I wanted to catch up with, Tropic Thunder, which I enjoyed. Tom Cruise's character was very funny, although the Robert Downey Jnr character wore a bit thin after a while.


Oh look it has snowed overnight. Well it was forecast so nobody can complain. We decided to venture down to Asda. The roads were just passable with care. The snow shovels, sledges and bags of rock salt were selling fast, so we picked up a bag of salt. Not wanting to get caught out I bought a snow shovel last year. After clearing the path I phoned John to see what the roads were like in Deal. He said don't bother coming down, the snow was bad as he has had to dig out the studio and he has lost the dog in the garden. We had been invited to some sledging in the park but driving there is not really an option, and I don't think there are any slopes in the park!
After a lunch of some really good scrambled eggs I spent an hour or so finishing building my Country Station model, then we decided to go for a walk around Singleton Lake. It was also a great opportunity to get the DSLR out and take a few photos, some of which  I have sent to the Kentish Express.
Lets hope that's it for the snow this year. I don't fancy the journey to work in bad weather. in 2010 I spent  over seven hours in the car and only got from Penge to Barnehurst (about 18 miles). Never again!

Until next week then...

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