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Monday, 27 August 2012

Batcamp 25-26 August 2012

In preparation for a weekends camping, we took the tent down to the farm on friday evening. Thanks to many helpers it went up in no time. I think we got a  good tent as people commented how nice it was. We hadn't planned on staying tonight so we went back home, stopping for chinese food on the way.


Sarah woke with a stinking cold, so whilst I went off to the farm, she stayed at home. The plan was that she would have a day of rest then come down on Sunday. When I arrived the weather was pretty grotty, we spent most the afternoon in the 'Brown and Smelly' (the mess tent) chatting and drinking Dave's homebrew. We were joined by Sam, Chippy and the kids and it actually stopped raining long enough for the kids to play outside with a frisbee. Late afternoon we walked down to the ponds for a spot of 'maggot drowning'. I caught one tiddler.  After a great dinner (sweet and sour chicken) courtesy of Jose and Maria, We waited in the 'Brown and Smelly' until the rain had subsided again. The evening turned out quite pleasant, the fire pit was lit and we sat round it while Batty gave us a narration with a twist from 'Fifty Shades of Gray', including sound effects. We rounded off the night with cheese and port, just enough to make me sleepy...


I have to say it was a very comfortable night in the tent. I was awakened from time to time by the wind blowing in the trees, but at about 5am there was a cacophony of Sheep, Ducks, Crows and Geese. Only the Cattle were silent. I got up at 7am needing to use a tree, but I couldn't be bothered to get the wellies on, so I ran across the field barefoot, avoiding the cow pats. At 8am I joined Dave for another spot of maggot drowning, I caught sweet FA. After a hearty breakfast I went home to collect Sarah, have a shower and change clothes as I left the clothes out of my rucksack. We got back to camp about midday and I had yet another crack at maggot drowning. Still no success. As lunch was laid out we were joined by Andy and Julie, then Keith and his daughter Amy made an appearance. There was a job to be done on the farm this afternoon. The duck house on the pond behind the camping field had come adrift from its rope mooring. Batty needed volunteers to swim out and grab the Duck house, and the rope. Step forward Dave and Tina who braved the cold and murky water to get it.

We went back to the other pond for round four of maggot drowning, and yet again I caught sweet FA, I did hook one, but it escaped before I could land it so it doesn't count. We decided to get the tent packed up before dinner so with the help of Keith and Andy I managed to get it back in the bag without too much hassle.
Dinner tonight was Fajitas prepared by Lukey. They were lovely. We lit the Fire pit again and after a couple of hours chatting, the evening was all over too soon and we had to leave our friends and get back to civilisation. We had hungry Cats to feed. I now have to wait until Bat camp next year then...

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