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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Party Time 22-23 September 2012I


We had a few things to sort out before heading to Chippy's place for his 40th Birthday party. I had to pop into town and visit my favourite shop, Soundcraft HiFi. I needed some replacements for the spikes on my speaker stands and equipment rack. The reason being that we are having laminate flooring fitted in the dining room, and spikes are not appropriate. Luckily they knew exactly what I needed and not only that they were very cheap. I also asked about updating the software in my audio unit, and they can do it for free as its quite a tricky job and you could end up with a very nice designer brick if you tried it yourself. Its going in next weekend for the update.
We went to the carpet shop to choose the flooring and get an installation date, then home for a bit of GP qualifying. Soon it was time to get changed and head off to Chez Chippy for the party. As we approached town on the bus we saw the other guests walking down the road so we got off and met them, so we all arrived together.

The party was great, Manky had brewed some very acceptable beer with citrus flavours (I've paid for worse) and Sam had laid on a very nice table of food. Everyone had a great time and the beer went down very well, too well for some people (see pic). Manky was feeling no pain. At the end of a great evening Andy and Julie gave  us a lift home and we finished off the evening with coffee at ours.

Sunday. (Warning - Sweeney spoiler ahead)

The weather did not look good and I felt sorry for a group who were going off geocaching near Wrotham hill this morning. I think they may have got a tad drenched. After shopping we decided to go and see The Sweeney. The early afternoon showing was with subtitles, we didn't fancy that so we went for the late afternoon showing. I thought the film was great and Ray Winstone / Ben Drew were superb, however the locations were slightly off. They drove out of Gravesend river front straight onto the Isle of Sheppey. Hey ho its artistic licence I suppose. The shoot out in Trafalgar Square was brilliant. How did they manage that!! After the film we went for a curry in town, a place we never tried before. The food was good, definitely one to use again.

Until next week then.

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