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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Radio and Cinema 17-18 November 2012


For the first time in weeks, we had nothing planned for the weekend. First off though we headed towards Tenterden. My hair needed a cut and there are only  two places I use. One is in Barnehurst, a bit too far for me to travel. We parked up, and after getting my 'ears lowered' we had a stroll around the shops. One place had a wonderful model carousel in the window. It was fully working with lights, music, even the horses went up and down. There was a 'for sale' sign on it so out of curiosity Sarah asked the assistant how much it was. £450 was the answer. Phew! Then again this is Tenterden, they are a bit posh around there.... 

During a break for coffee and cake I had a call from Steve at AHBS. He had a technical query about Dover Community Radio  for me and told me he was presenting the request show at AHBS tonight. Would I be a contact for him as he was lone working. I offered to come down and help. So we decided to do an hour each on the air tonight.
Back home I fitted a new pull switch in the bathroom, Then we had to go into town so Sarah could visit the optician and order her new specs. It was also the Christmas light switch-on in town, so the place was packed. The area by the bandstand was gridlocked, it was not very pleasant and people could have been crushed.
We didn't stay for the switch-on, instead going straight down to the studio. Two hours passed quickly, we even had a few people phone in, and after recording a promo we headed for home via somewhere for food. As I dropped on to the M20 at junction 10 the traffic had stopped ahead. There must have been an accident which closed it. 10 minutes later we were underway though. For all I said about having nothing planned, we haven't stopped since we left the house this morning.


Plans for today...

Buy a new catfish.

Go and see 'Skyfall'.

Both tasks were achieved. We now have a Leopard Catfish, The pic is the actual one we bought. It seems to have settled in ok, we just need a name for it now. After watching a few episodes of ST:TNG we headed off to Cineworld, collecting Alison in the way. I thoroughly enjoyed Skyfall, but if you haven't seen it yet I won't say anything. I'm just glad nobody told me anything about it beforehand...Superb!

Until next week then...

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