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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Trip to Birmingham 24-25 November 2012


This morning I am Coventry bound, Sarah is Solihull bound. I have never been to Coventry before (and no, I've never been sent there either!). First impressions are its a bit like Croydon, but without the charm.
The museum was actually a bit of an eye opener. I never realised there have been so many british vehicle manufacturers over the years. They also had a scooter exhibition on at the entrance. If I was to ask people "name me a make of scooter", most would say Vespa or Lambretta. There were some really cool looking british makes there, and a scooter 'thing' that hardly sold, due to its poor design and looks. (see pics).

Along with the usual array of vintage and classic cars and bicycles (Coventry was a cycle 'Hub') there was the Thrust SSC display, including a ride on a simulator. Also of note was a collection of 20,000 model cars, buses, trains, planes etc... all collected by the same person. The last gallery was called 'Curators Choice', and it ranged from a Raleigh Chopper to a DeLorean (lovely looking car actually) and a red Mini Metro. What was so special about the Metro. Well it was owned by a Lady Diana Spencer, before she met Charlie. I had a Metro once. I bet she didn't have the problems that I had with mine. It was the worst car I ever owned. I enjoyed the museum. If ever you are in Coventry I suggest a visit. 
David suggested we stroll over to the Canal Basin. Apparently there were shops, cafes etc.. to walk round. So we set off in that direction in what was now pouring rain. Well all they had was a Tattoo parlour, everything else was closed or closed down. When we got back to the car the parking machine didn't accept the ticket. Luckily the barrier was set to open automatically. At least we got free parking. Back at base I watched the GP Qualifying, had dinner and the rest of the evening was spent playing cards.


We planned to leave early afternoon. So Sarah's mum prepared a blow-out Sunday Lunch first. Then we packed and got underway about 2pm, aiming to get home about 5pm. Sarah drove the first stint. Sutton Coldfield to Beaconsfield in 1.5 hours non stop. Then it was my turn to drive. We got on the M25 OK. Then at Junction 13 we came to a halt. The Gantry signs said 'Accident'... An hour and a half and half a mile later we passed the scene of the accident. We eventually arrived home at 6:30pm. The same thing happening going up. Her stint was easy, mine was traffic jams. 

I managed a news blackout before I watched the Grand Prix highlights. What a great finish to the GP season. The start of the race was in the balance for the two would-be champions, and to see another Brit driver on the podium was a great result. Its a shame Lewis got taken out on his final race for McLaren, but well done Vettel.
We have a day off tomorrow, but its not going to be a lazy one. We have a bit of an early start! More about that later..

Until next week then.

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