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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012  Review - January to June

Now that the festivities are dying down, the selection boxes and tins of sweets have been raided, and everyone is fed up with cold Turkey, its time to have a look at this year's weekend world. Its interesting looking back over the past years events, some weekends have been dull, most have been good, either spent with friends or family, or both.


Stargazing Live, Wye Stargazing and building my model railway seemed to be the theme this month. All was working out fine until we got received news that Arnie had been seriously injured. The Vet fixed him up and he spent the next few months in solitary, poor thing.


The month started with a dusting of snow. Luckily it didn't last, just enough to cause a day of trouble on the roads. I had a photo published in the local paper of a Swan on a frozen Singleton Lake. Sadly Dance Web Radio closed, only temporarily but it saw a significant change in the way it operated. We grand dine in and a grand day out with friends at Dover Castle. Another is planned for February 2013.
We said farewell to Sarah's Uncle, and of course the music world mourned the loss of Whitney Houston.


We went for a couple of good walks this month, both were along the coastline around Folkestone. The first took us along the coastal path from Sandgate. The second was an excellent walk along the Warren. The weather was great and it was probably the best walk I've taken.
The local Radio Station threw a wobbler and sacked all their breakfast show presenters, and I offered my services to 107.1 AHBS, the Local Community and Hospital Radio Station. It would be September  until I get on the air.


Another good month, and the weather wasn't too bad either. We went to see Avenue Q in Canterbury, excellent. I joined the others for a bike ride in the countryside around Ashford. What a great day we had. Easter Sunday was spent at the Smarden Duck race. The weather had turned into what would be a damp and miserable spring. Oh and I celebrated my Birthday.


We bought another car. Little did we know it would turn out to be a lemon. The garage did what they could, but when we eventually got it back someone could have killed us by leaving the injector manifold loose, spraying petrol all over the engine bay. The RAC came to our rescue. It didn't go wrong again until November, and we had it repaired properly by a professional garage. Then Christmas day the CD player ate a CD. Bloody French electrics...Anyhow we also went for a nice sunny walk in Bethersden, won a pop quiz and helped a friend move house.


The month started with a visit to the Folkestone Airshow. We failed to take any sun protection and got burnt to a cinder, I have never been so red. After Sarah's Birthday BBQ we set off to Birmingham for a family wedding. Then a week later we went to a friend's wedding reception. Both were excellent. We used one of our Christmas presents, lunch for two at Eastwell Manor. The end of June saw us at a local dog show, representing the Astronomy Society.

Next week. July - December.

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